Towing redefined


Take your towing business to the next level and make the paperwork disappear.  Track everything you need in one place, and get your nights and weekends back, while getting all your nitty gritty stuff removed. Like orange pumice soap, TOWEEZ takes the grease out of the paperwork.


Dispatching from where you are!


Take a call and dispatch it from where you are. Late night calls dispatch them from your phone, or home or office computer or laptop. Never repeat the dispatch process as TOWEEZ takes the need to relay by phone or text out of the mix


Work orders simplified 


No more worrying about paper.
Enter information only once as you receive it. Don't relay information back and forth, fill it out once and move on with life. Automate the billing total with our automated rate feature set and take the guess work out of invoicing for your drivers. Stop getting the call asking "How much do I charge for that".



Remember The Good Old Days!



Bring In The New Technology!



Document payments for the invoice!


Keep a record of how you collected money and how much, by who, and when. Making your accounting process run smoothly. Helping track down information from inquiring minds.